Life Skills Program

PS Programs facilitates a Life Skills and Self-improvement Program for the Maryland Department of
Juvenile Service.
This 12-week program equips system-involved youth with critical life skills to improve their residence experience, their transition back into the community and their lifelong journeys for success.
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Adjusting to Detention

We help individuals develop personal responsibility skills, enhance self-advocacy and self-awareness, and improve interpersonal and communication abilities.

Decision-Making Skills

We teach essential skills such as anger management, stress reduction techniques, and time management to develop effective problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

Money Management

We provide practical, hands-on experiences to teach daily living skills and comprehensive financial management training, enabling youth to manage their finances effectively.

Securing Housing/Housekeeping

Our program assists youth in securing housing while also teaching them essential housekeeping skills to ensure a smooth transition back into the community.

Personal Appearance and Mental Hygiene

Youth learn about the importance of personal hygiene, general health, and receive guidance on addressing substance abuse and mental health concerns.

Family Involvement

We focus on creating healthy relationships between youth and their parents, siblings, children, peers, authority figures, and employers.

Education and Career

Our program offers vocational training and equips youth with essential employment skills, including job search and retention strategies, preparing them for a successful future.
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